I'm Lisa Acord, and I'm an emerging photographer. I've loved photography all my life, ever since one of my sisters gave me a broken 110 Instamatic as a toy. Even though it didn't work, I played with it all the time. My dad finally took me to get a Polaroid camera so I could really take pictures. I was hooked. Since the Polaroid, I've had a point-and-shoot, two SLR's, and now two DSLRs, a Sony A100 and a recent upgrade to the Sony A700.

Finally, at the age of 34, and after changing my mind daily about what I wanted to do when "I grow up", I figured out that I should be a photographer. I'd actually wanted to do this in college, but talked myself out of it, thinking it wasn't a viable career decision. Now I have embraced the saying, "Do what you love and the money will come." So now, with the support of my wonderful husband, I've started my own photography business. If you need some pictures taken--of most anything!--contact me and we'll talk.